About Heather

Having inherited a creative streak and extremely ‘frisky’ imagination from age 5 Heather was sketching frequently and dreamt of being called an ‘artist’. She ’sold’ her horse sketches at primary school for sweets off other impressed kids!

Heather’s art teacher handed her a lump of earthenware clay when she was 15 years old. After making her first figure the budding artist never looked back. 2D art could not compare to the thrill of hold something `and view it from all angles, Heather loved 3D sculpture from then on, in particular contemporary figure sculpture, the wackier the better, often with a humorous twist.

In 1993 Heather began making wacky figures using sugar paste with added metal, feathers, raffia, rope etc instead of clay which, being a more unusual medium, seemed to interest the public and art galleries much more. These are 30 cms to a meter tall and were exhibited in many UK galleries, Bowes Museum County Durham, Guildford House, Bilston, Gloucester, Wolverhampton and Birmingham Galleries to name just a few. The sculptures have been featured on TV and international press. A big thrill for me was making mini sculptures for the front cover of Vogue Italia.

Wacky figure sculptures have been created for private collections, celebrities, corporate events and couples wanting a stunning, unique centrepiece at their wedding instead of an ice sculpture or cake. The sugar sculptures are surprisingly tough as old boots! and can last a life time.

“As well as sugar I still, when in the mood, work using porcelain, paper or polymer clay and am on the look out for new exciting mediums.

I love the unusual and quirky aiming to avoid realism or tradition because I love to shock, surprise and break the rules !”…. watch this space! I am a mental fidget, always looking for new ideas!

Heather Sweet.