Bespoke Ceramic Clay Wedding Sculpture Gallery

National and International Multi-Award Winning Sugar Sculptor As Seen On TV – This is how I started when I was a child, with clay. I had worked only in 2D up until discovering the thrill of making figure art at the age of 18.For me nothing compares to being able to ‘view from all angles’ and touch a sculpture. I’ve not painted one picture since discovering sculpture.

The first few examples as you’ll see are made from traditional clays – terracotta, earthenware etc. I am now working with paper clay which I make myself. Please return periodically to see my new sculpture updates in this gallery. or check this one :


Alf is made from paper clay. He has copper ear, nose and lip rings.60cm (2 feet) tall from top of his raffia hair, his baby hangs upside down on his back. The sculpture is coated with a rough textured paint.

Ballet Gran

b gran front big Wedding Ceramic Sculpture Corporate Unique Wedding Cake Alternative

Paper clay and wire, feather eye lashes. 7.5″ tall.