Sculpture Questions

  • Q: I would like a bespoke large sugar sculpture. How much do they cost?
  • A: I make 12″ busts of couples up to a meter tall full body couples. Each is unique so prices vary. Please send pictures and sizes, I will then send you a quote (no obligation).
  • Q: How long will my sugar wedding sculpture last?
  • A: They keep for a life time as long as it’s displayed away from direct light (such as the sun) and damp (a normal dry room is fine). I have sculptures that are now 20 years old that are still good as when I made them. The sugar paste dries very hard, like porcelain.
  • Q: Can I buy a smaller clay figurine for a gift?
  • A: My clay and mixed media figures are also unique, so they make a great present for any occasion. Collect in person or I can post to you.
  • Q: Will the figures you make look like me/us?
  • A: My sculptures give a representation, not an exact facial likeness. I can copy hair, eye, clothes, colours and styles of dress.
  • Q: Where is your studio? Do you deliver if I am to far away?
  • A: I am based in Worchestershire. Delivery within the UK is £1.00 per mile.
  • Q: I have more questions!
  • A: You can contact me via my contact page!