The Artist




 Heather has won many gold and silver national and international awards for her sugar artistry.

She is a qualified teacher in adult education, has discussed her work on the radio and her demonstrations, workshops and awards have been written about in national magazines and the local press.

‘Unique, large sugar and mixed media wedding and corporate sculptures are made from my own permanent sugar recipe which dries as hard as porcelain therefor lasts for many years. ‘

All sculptures on this site are protected by copyright (c)Heather Higgins 2000 – 2004



I design humorous mixed media figures as well as trying to portray mans relationship and growing dependence on gadgets and machines, hence the cyber like figures I sometimes make showing metal integrated with flesh.

I have studied ceramic sculpture with some inspiring artists – Paul Gooderham from Gailey Pottery, Staffordshire and the Birmingham based ceraic scmulptor Roy Ashmore my more recent tutor, who has offered constant encouragement and taught me a great deal about clay and “breaking boundries” !!!

I’m influenced by puppet designers, the work of American doll artists such as Susanna Oroyan and the humorous automatons of Chomick and Meder, African figure sculpture, modern music videos, the illustrations of H.R. Giger to mention just a few.

I have no desire to illustrate from life, I much prefer to use my imagination so there are no rules!

I love the quirky, humorous and unusual, I aim to surprise the viewer (and hopefully, occasionally raise a smile).